Mediation Minute

Get to Know Your Mediator

February 6, 2023

Picking the right mediator for the right case requires careful planning. I appreciate the continued support of litigators and their clients who entrust me with mediation of their case.  “Frequent flyers” or those who retain me on a routine basis deserve a special thanks. I thought it was only appropriate for those new to this publication to know a little more about me and my approach to mediation of civil cases. I have gathered testimonials that have been written about me including online reviews which I think should be shared with my readers. These reviews might help you. 

Comments on David Henry, Esq., Florida Supreme Court Certified Civil Mediator

“He doesn’t usually annoy the clients until after lunch.”

“He doesn’t waste time like other mediators – he does it in his own way.”

“You get what you pay for    he’s not too terribly awful.”

“His engagement letter is actually longer the settlement agreements we sign.”

“He really knows how people think and points out when they don’t do it so well.”

“He is available on short notice . . . but is that really a good thing?”

“He is a remarkably quick study but forgets things even faster”

” We settle everything with him but we don’t know why.”

“He is very creative in mediation  – he thinks of stuff no one would agree to.”

“He brings good snacks to each mediation and eats most of them.”

“He seems kind of odd at first blush but then you get to know him and there’s no doubt.”

He is flexible and reliable –  he knows  how to make people feel uncomfortable in almost any situation.”

April Fools or is it?